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There are pros and cons to every publishing model

When it comes to publishing, the path to a completed book is varied and winding. What works for one author may not fit the needs and abilities of another. And we don’t claim to be right for everyone. No single publisher can be.

Every author and book has different needs and expectations. So it’s unreasonable to think that any publishing solution is “one size fits all.”

It’s important to understand the differences between traditional publishing, hybrid publishing and self-publishing, so you can confidently choose the right fit for you.

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Discover the Benefits of Working with a Publisher Who Has Your Specific Goals in Mind

Professional Team

We know exactly what needs to be done to publish a high-quality book that will get your message out, create brand visibility, establish your expertise, and build your following.

Shared Goals

There’s a reason why you wrote your book, and we want to know what it is. That way, we can personalize our service to your specific needs so you can achieve those goals.

Expert Guidance

Our author coaching guides you through a proven process that’s customized to your specific needs to take the guesswork out of launching and marketing your book.

Reasonable Timelines

With some publishers, it can take a year or more to see your book in print. But with Emerald Lake Books, our authors typically have their books in six months or less.

On-going Support

Long after your book is released, we still provide you with regular recommendations for how to market your book and present new opportunities for publicity and awards.

Generous Royalties

While we encourage our authors to focus more on revenue that’s generated beyond the book’s sales, our authors receive 50% of all royalties generated through our distribution channels.

Retain Rights

You’ve worked hard to develop your content. So it’s only right that you retain the rights to your intellectual property. That’s why we only require an exclusive license to publish your work.

Expanded Distribution

When we publish your book, it’s not just put on Amazon. We distribute your book through a variety of channels to ensure it’s available to bookstores, libraries and universities as well.

Author Discounts

We never require authors to purchase copies of their books. However, if you want copies of your own, we make them available to you for a 20% mark-up on the printing costs.