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Broad and deep understanding of publishing and superb attention to detail.

Lionel Binnie

Emerald Lake Books did excellent work for me in publishing my first book. They are highly experienced in the the process of writing and publishing and bring a broad and deep understanding to this complex and personal process. From planning the goals of writing, to editing, cover and interior layout and launching and marketing the book, attention to all details and personal attention and responsiveness were outstanding. You are in very good hands with Emerald Lake Books.

Lionel Binnie

Thumbs up!

Tara worked as editor on my book, OPENING YOUR PRESENCE. She was extremely conscientious and professional–her dedication to an excellent product is admirable. I’ve since interacted with Tara on several occasions and I always find her to be engaged and focused.

Greta Muller

A worthy publisher

Esther Wallace, author of "The Savage War"

Instead of pushing their own vision on their authors and clients, Emerald Lake Books cares about the author’s wishes. They give personal attention that has not been seen in the publishing world since the mid ’90s, and see to it that the result is high quality, satisfying to the author, and still makes it into online retailers like Barnes and Noble. Although self-publishing is not for everyone, if there is a reason to do so, Emerald Lake Books is the place to go.

Esther Wall

Personalized treatment for a professional product.

ELB worked hard to not only make sure my book looked and sounded professional, but they also met my publishing timeline and have been great to work with since the release of my book.

John Suscovich

Iceburg deep level knowledge and integrity

Patty Lennon

Tara is the smartest person I’ve ever met in the industry, I refer people to her because she knows what is going on and she can think strategically about how to get a book and brand out into the world. Her knowledge runs Iceberg deep.

Patty Lennon

A full service book and business support system

Cheryl Marks Young, author

Amazing and Supportive insight for anyone writing, rewriting or reinventing their book and their business. You and your Team are some of the most resourceful people in the industry, looking out for the entire business of your customers and not just the one time book opportunity. You address issues and concerns for your clients in a proactive way which is quite powerful and why I also keep referring people to you.

Cheryl Marks Young

Great Publishing Team at Emerald Lake Books

Tara and her publishing team are true professionals in every way. Her knowledge, passion and dedication are readily apparent from the beginning. I am truly blessed to have published my new book with Emerald Lake Books and recommend to all fellow authors to do the same.

Dennis C. Miller

An excellent local publisher.

I would highly recommend Emerald Lake publishers. They were very professional in updating and re-launching my book.

Marc Youngquist


Susanna Liller

Emerald Lake Books is a professional, high-class operation. They have shepherded me seamlessly through the publishing process and now continue to guide me through the complications and challenges of marketing my book. It’s not an exaggeration for me to say, I couldn’t have done it without them. I sing their praises to everyone.

Susanna Liller
Take Your Dreams Seriously

Goal-Oriented Publishing, Just for You

To be successful as an author takes more than just writing a good book. It takes planning and hard work. After all, a dream without a plan is just a wish... So if you want to be successful, begin by developing clearly defined goals related to your reader, your business and your book's impact. Then start developing and implementing your plans to make your dreams a reality!

Your Reader

When you understand your reader and the experience they want to have, you’re able to connect with them on a deeper level. Your writing becomes more accessible, and your marketing copy speaks clearly to the right individuals. Most importantly, your ideal reader gets what they’re looking for!

Your Business

Whether your business is as a writer or as something else, knowing why you’re writing and what you want to accomplish is crucial. Are you building a mailing list? Generating leads? Building brand visibility? Establishing your expertise? Whatever your goal is for yourself and your business, identifying it early will help you use the book more effectively.

Your Book

Books are powerful tools. They can build communities, encourage conversations, stimulate thinking, provide entertainment, and make a difference in the world in so many more ways.

Look beyond your book to the impact you can have when you publish with a specific purpose in mind.