Emerald Lake Books is a hybrid publisher that helps authors transform their work from manuscript to masterpiece. In partnership with our parent company, Aleweb Social Marketing, we then help you grow your audience so that you can be found online, on-stage and on-the-shelf.

Aleweb has been working with authors and speakers since January 2010 to help them accomplish their business goals.

In August 2014, Aleweb spun off its book-related services into a wholly-owned subsidiary focusing on all of the activities that lead up to and including the publication of a book. All marketing-related activities, like website design, marketing materials, one-sheets, social marketing, content strategies, training, etc. stayed within Aleweb.

We find that our services are especially well-suited to authors who want to self-publish, but don’t want to figure out how to do it all on their own.

Oftentimes, these individuals are busy enough already with their daily responsibilities, running a company, growing a business, servicing clients, etc. They are often coaches, trainers, executives, speakers and consultants, and they recognize that the value of their book isn’t necessarily in book sales, but in:

  • the connection it builds with people,
  • the better-educated prospects that they speak with,
  • the doors it opens to new partnerships and speaking opportunities, and
  • the increase in consulting revenue that comes as a result of having a clearly defined message.

So Who Are We?

First and foremost, we are business owners. We know the importance of monitoring the cash flow throughout the year. We know how critical it is to build a mailing list, find new leads, increase brand visibility, service clients, generate more consulting revenue, develop products for residual income, and differentiate ourselves from everyone else doing the same thing that we are. None of which are easy tasks…

Between us, our executive team has a combined 55+ years of experience as business owners and entrepreneurs, and we understand what you are up against.

So why do we believe that publishing is an ideal solution for the busy professional?

It has been our experience that we cannot be everywhere at once. We cannot follow our ideal prospects home and share ideas with them there. (That would be creepy, after all!) We can’t guarantee that we will be there when they need us most 100% of the time. We are human beings with commitments beyond our business, commitments that extend to our family, friends and community.

However, with our books, courses and online materials, we can be there when we are needed most. We can dump our collective intelligence into a format that people can take with them and hold onto until they’re ready to consume it. And we hope that when they are ready, they appreciate what we have to share with them.

Getting the Timing Right

Sales coaches will tell you that people will not buy when you’re ready to sell. They will buy when they’re ready to buy. Writing a book and getting it into your ideal prospects’ hands ensures that you are building a relationship with them when they are looking for the solution you have to offer.

A properly designed book enables them to reach out to you and request more information when the time is right for them. This allows you to grow your mailing list and your social networks.

A well-loved book ensures that you have more opportunities to speak and consult than you would otherwise. Business becomes easier because people come looking for you.

A properly structured and informative book ensures that your readers understand what it is that you do and what makes you unique from everyone else who does what you do. Differentiation is what’s going to attract the right clients for you.

Readers who take the time to consume the content within your book and get to know you through that vehicle are much more ready to buy from you because they recognize that you may provide the solution to their problem. That makes selling that much easier because it’s a shorter distance to get to “yes!”

When we work with our authors, we go beyond just understanding what you want your book to look like and how it fits into a category. We explore what it is that you want the book to achieve both for your business and for your reader. So as we develop and design your book we ensure that the proper elements are in place to accomplish those goals. When we do this, we are using our extensive years of business intelligence and lending that to you and your project.

But a book alone will not achieve those goals. The book has to be properly designed. Its placement needs to be carefully researched. Its categories need to be monitored and tweaked to increase its rankings within sale systems. You need marketing materials and branding that are consistent with the book and the message that you are putting out there. And then you need to launch the book successfully.

Emerald Lake Books provides everything that an author needs in order to properly position, develop, design, publish, and launch your book and bring it the visibility that it deserves. It’s like having a business coach, publisher, internet marketer, web developer, marketing agency, and publicity team all rolled up into one.

And that is what makes us different!