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Anne Crawford

Anne Crawford, author, speaker and healthcare coach

Anne Crawford is happily married and has a lovely daughter. She lives in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

Anne began writing after an accident caused her vision impairment and left her legally blind. During her rehabilitation, she decided to write a book, and this effort helped her enormously.

She began her adult life caring for her severely disabled grandmother until she entered an aged care facility. The experience led her to follow her mother’s footsteps into nursing.

After working for a while in an acute trauma hospital in Melbourne, Anne studied midwifery. She spent time in Launceston, Tasmania, as a midwife before returning home to study for her Master’s in Public Health.

Back in Melbourne, Anne worked extensively across community healthcare both as a nurse and in research.

It is this broad experience with healthcare, as a patient, caregiver and professional, that has enabled her to recognize the profession’s shortcomings and, rather than complain of them, suggest solutions to the problems she sees.

As the premier healthcare coach in Australia, she hopes to one day see many more in the healthcare industry embracing the benefits of including a healthcare coach as part of their patient care teams.

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Author of:

Surviving Healthcare in Australia Second Edition by Anne Crawford, MPH