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The Art of Self-Editing Challenge

Want to take your writing from good to great? Join this challenge and unlock the secrets to crafting polished, captivating prose.

Don't let common writing issues hold you back. Learn the skills to refine your work and impress agents, publishers and readers.

The challenge starts on

February 12th at 11am EST.

Each day's session will be live on Zoom with the replay available in our private group.

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Raise Your Hand If You Have Ever Felt

  • I have no idea if my book is good or not
  • I'm scared to show my work to someone else
  • What if readers don't like what I've written?
  • I don't even know if I'm ready to work with an editor

Look, I get it. We've all been there. If you don't have the right guidance being a writer is extremely difficult.

Writing is a skill. But self-editing takes your writing to the next level. As Michael Lee puts it, "The first draft reveals the art; revision reveals the artist."

It's hard though to edit your own work, especially if you don't really know what the rules of writing are. Most people write because they are passionate about communicating their story or idea; not because they love the mechanics of writing. Their book is simply a vehicle to communicate their ideas.

Yet what we've seen in our nine years of publishing is there are some common writing issues that can be easily corrected with self-editing. And as a publisher, when someone submits a manuscript that they've clearly taken the time to revise and polish, it creates a positive impression of your professionalism as a writer.

In This Challenge, You'll Learn How To

  • Unleash the power of your writing
  • Strengthen your prose
  • Keep readers engaged from start to finish
  • Save time and money on editing
  • Showcase your professionalism as a writer

Be sure to bring a sample chapter from your current work in progress to apply what you're learning and see how much more polished your writing can be!

How The Challenge Is Structured

  • Day 1

  • Day 2

  • Day 3

  • Day 4

  • Day 5

The art (and skill) of self-editing

On Day 1, we'll cover:

  • What self-editing is
  • How it works and why successful authors use it
  • How it will impact your writing
  • When to self-edit
  • What to expect when you self-edit
  • Tools you can use to help you self-edit

What People Are Saying About The Challenge

Dera R Jones Williams

"Worth way more than the price"

The Art of Self-Editing Challenge was just what I needed. I have taken other editing workshops but maybe this was the right time for me to receive the material and put it into practice. The examples and exercises are very helpful and should be kept handy while one is self-editing.

Tara is an outstanding instructor who knows all the rules and what she is doing, yet she is quick to say there are exceptions. The guest authors told of their experiences editing alongside Tara for their forthcoming books.


This course is worth way more than the price.

Dera Williams

"I wish I had taken this workshop sooner"

I jumped at the opportunity to learn from Tara Alemany by taking Emerald Lake Books "The Art of Self-Editing Challenge." And I'm glad I did. One hour a day for five consecutive days was time well-spent, identifying editing tools I could implement immediately to elevate my memoir. I wish I had taken this workshop sooner because knowing how to edit well makes you a better writer. I want the words on my pages to sing and work to support my storytelling.

No matter your stage of development as a writer, I would highly recommend this interactive workshop.

Randye Sundel

"...made me aware of common pitfalls and areas where I can improve "

I'm writing a book and have published two co-written articles in the last two years, so far without the benefit of an editor. I use an editing program and read and reread repeatedly, but it’s difficult to prepare the best possible submission in what sometimes feels like a vacuum. Your Self-Editing Challenge has made me aware of common pitfalls and areas where I can improve my prose today and in the future.

It has been time well spent and I highly recommend it to other struggling authors.

Barbara  Corey

James Rickard

"I'm able to use the advice every day"

Tara Alemany's instructions have had such an impact on my writing that I'm able to use the advice every day.

James Rickard

"I highly recommend this workshop"

I learned a lot from the self-editing class. Tara is knowledgeable and engaging instructor. I highly recommend this workshop.

Sharron Houdek

Deborah Charnes

"You're bound to learn important tips and rules"

And I thought I knew it all. Wrong.

I highly recommend Emerald Lake Books' self-editing challenge. Regardless of your level of mastery, you're bound to learn important tips and rules.

Deborah Charnes


"The manuscript improved a lot with their help"

Emerald Lake Books has done an outstanding job helping me prepare my book for publication. I have been extremely impressed with their editing process. They were very thorough, and the manuscript improved a lot with their help. They have been very helpful and easy to work with, and I feel that they have a genuine love for great literature. I hope to work with them again on another project very soon! They have also done a great job with handling the details of the book release, and with follow-up and promotion.

A.J. Park


"Thanks to Tara, I am on the same page on Amazon as many of my idols"

One of the benefits I found working with Tara is that she is a published author herself. She knows what it is like not only to publish a book, but how to launch it and market it so that it is successful.

Thanks to Tara, I am on the same page on Amazon as many of my idols. The "I got into this career because of this person" kind of people.

John Suscovich


"Her knowledge runs iceberg-deep"

Tara is the smartest person I've ever met in the industry, I refer people to her because she knows what is going on and can think strategically about how to get a book and brand out into the world. Her knowledge runs Iceberg deep. What you may learn from her in a single conversation or in an article is just the tip of what she knows.

Patty Lennon

Hi, I'm Tara

I eat, sleep and breathe books and have from a very young age because books mean the world to me. They were my refuge during a troubling childhood and my escape as a single parent with no time to call my own.

I know the power of books to entertain, inspire, encourage and educate, and I love them for the positive difference they can make in people's lives. Books are sanctuaries, schools and theaters of the mind that span across time.

Thankfully, I have been blessed to earn my living writing and editing books for over thirty-five years. Then eleven years ago, I published my first book. Today, I have seven books to my name, including a couple with second editions. I have won multiple awards, and many of the books I have edited have received recognition as well.

I am sought out as an industry expert. And I speak frequently at writing and publishing conferences and on related podcasts. I also host my own industry events as well.

Given how much I love the written word, I'm excited to be teaching The Art of Self-Editing Challenge. It's my way of helping you become a writer who brightens someone else's day. Together, let's refine your writing skills and bring out the best in your work!

Join The Art of
Self-Editing Challenge

We promise, if you come with a sample chapter from your current work in progress to use for each day's homework, by the end of the week, you'll see just how much more polished your writing can be, and you'll be eager to tackle the rest of your manuscript with your newfound skills.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your writing skills and shine as a writer. Register now for The Art of Self-Editing Challenge and unlock your writing potential!