Marie Ruggles, RD, CN

Marie Ruggles, MS, RD, CN, CDE, is a nutritionist and certified diabetes educator, and is certified in essential oil safety. She has a master’s degree from Columbia University in Nutrition and Public Health where she started her career in research forty years ago. She then began working in public health, translating the wisdom of science into simple action steps for managing chronic disease and maximizing wellness. Over time, Marie became concerned about people’s lack of reliable information regarding options for being proactive in their own self-care. She decided to write a book that could serve as a home reference guide for her students who were eager to learn about natural options for preventive health and everyday wellness challenges. Marie is the recipient of national awards for her nutrition education publications and lectures internationally on the safe use of essential oils for everyday wellness challenges. She is on a mission to inspire others to take responsibility for … Continue Reading

Andrea O’Connor

Having received a library card before she began kindergarten (requiring her cursive signature), Andrea began her writing career at the age of five with a short story describing the seasons. Her next endeavor, at age nine, was a novella featuring Christine O’Leary. So began Andrea’s long love affair with the written word. Singularly focused on a nursing career, Andrea continued to write for pleasure throughout high school and college. After completing a master’s degree to teach nursing, she was offered a position as a nurse editor with the American Journal of Nursing, where she honed her writing skills through editing others’ works. Andrea was in the midst of writing a novel styled as a memoir when her husband John’s Parkinson’s disease progressed to the point where he was unable to engage in his usual active lifestyle. He longed to “do something,” so she suggested they write a book together. She had long considered writing a … Continue Reading

Bill Buckbee

Bill Buckbee is a country-living guy who enjoys golfing and fishing in the little free time that he has. He is married to his work and is dedicated to his community. As a full-time job he runs the nonprofit park and museum that he grew up going to as a child. He has spent years as a youth coach of basketball, baseball and football, and has even coached semi-pro women’s football. He has spent time as a volunteer firefighter and is an active Freemason. In addition, Bill was elected state representative in 2016 to the Connecticut General Assembly, which he highlights as the honor of a lifetime to represent the town he loves so dearly. Bill has spent more than 25 years playing softball and recreational league football, and his teammates are family to him. One of three kids, Bill takes family seriously, but always with giant hugs and bigger smiles. A proud uncle to … Continue Reading

Bruce Ballister

Like many people, Bruce Ballister’s youth as a skinny kid did not presage his obese adulthood. Although slender through high school, the U.S. Army and college life, his waist size grew from 26″ to 30″ by the age of thirty, finally stabilizing at 38″ in his 60s. Shortly before his bout with heart disease, he retired from a full-time professional life and started considering the next pants size up. His plans to pursue a second career as a science fiction author and occasional consultant were side-tracked when a surprising interview at an annual physical threatened his very life. The news of his heart disease came as a shock. His search for understanding what to expect from quadruple bypass surgery and recovery led to the writing of this book. Bruce’s hope is to provide you with the information he looked for, but couldn’t find. He has drawn on his actual experiences, augmented with research and interviews … Continue Reading

A.J. Park

Author A.J. Park has embraced a lifelong ‌passion for writing and reading. There is nothing better than a really good story, and she feels compelled to keep creating. Fantasy has always been her favorite genre, because it represents the world of imagination in fiction. A.J. loves laughing and joking with family and friends. She enjoys meeting new people and learning and doing new things. She craves real-life adventures, climbing mountains, backpacking, rappelling, swimming in lakes, and snowshoeing. She also enjoys building furniture. She loves trees, sunshine, fresh air and shopping for outdoor gear, and she always eats her vegetables. Her dislikes include poison ivy, soda, junk food, yard work, uncomfortable shoes and mosquitoes. A.J. is from Northern Utah and is happily married to the father of her three beautiful daughters. Contact A.J. Park Interested in having A.J. come speak to your group or interviewing her for your following? Complete the form below, and she’ll get … Continue Reading

Anne Crawford

Anne Crawford is happily married and has a lovely daughter. She lives in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Anne began writing after an accident caused her vision impairment and left her legally blind. During her rehabilitation, she decided to write a book, and this effort helped her enormously. She began her adult life caring for her severely disabled grandmother until she entered an aged care facility. The experience led her to follow her mother’s footsteps into nursing. After working for a while in an acute trauma hospital in Melbourne, Anne studied midwifery. She spent time in Launceston, Tasmania, as a midwife before returning home to study for her Master’s in Public Health. Back in Melbourne, Anne worked extensively across community healthcare both as a nurse and in research. It is this broad experience with healthcare, as a patient, caregiver and professional, that has enabled her to recognize the profession’s shortcomings and, rather … Continue Reading

Esther Wallace

Esther Wallace is an award-winning author and a freelance illustrator, who holds an associate’s in graphic design and animation. Coming from a large homeschooling family, Esther began writing fiction to entertain her younger siblings and share her creativity with them. Likewise, she shared all the most stirring books she read. Her favorite stories are those that ask the most difficult of questions. She likes it even better when she can encourage other people to discuss those things with her or at least to ponder them on their own. Contact Esther Wallace Interested in having Esther come speak to your group or interviewing her for your following? Complete the form below, and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Author of:  

Michelle Crawford

Michelle Crawford is the Chief Conversationalist and amazing brain behind Being More Human. She has more than twenty years of experience providing guidance, leadership development and Human Resource skills, as well as strengthening the corporate culture of organizations across twenty different industries. And this experience has shown her one great truth—modern businesses are losing their humanity. After seeing the world and meeting people from all walks of life, Michelle chose to dedicate her life to helping businesses become more human in the way they operate and in their culture. Michelle has brought a team of human resource and organizational development experts together to increase humanity in the workplace through kindness, psychological consulting and deep, transformational change for organizations, teams and individuals. Focusing on being 100% Human in their approach connects all these actions together. The community and industry, as well as the Australian Government, have recognized Michelle for her profound contribution both to the corporate world and to her much-loved charities. … Continue Reading

Susanna Liller

Susanna Liller, like many women, wears multiple professional hats (which she enjoys wearing). She is an organizational-development consultant, executive coach, women’s workshop leader, writer and musician. Her career, whether mediating, facilitating or coaching with groups or individuals, has always been about helping people find the path that evolves them to the next level of success. She believes that everyone’s journey in work and life exists to transform them to a higher level of being. The challenge, however, is to not resist the change. Susanna sees herself as a guide and motivator in this transformational process. Susanna lives on a small farm in Maine along with her husband Robin, four overfed sheep, a one-eyed rooster, two chatty hens and a wimpy one-hundred-pound dog named Max. She spends as much time as she can visiting her children and grandchildren. In her “spare” time, Susanna plays the keyboard and sings in a band, which has landed her in … Continue Reading

Lionel Binnie

Lionel Binnie hails from the U.K. but has spent the last few decades in the U.S., first in California and later in New York, where he’s now based. After working with several medium-sized retail and fashion businesses, he founded MSource Ideas, a business development consultancy in 2008. As someone who has worked as a practitioner and consultant with consumer products and retail businesses, Lionel noticed a distinct lack of resources that tackled the questions he raises in this book. So he decided to write what was missing. Specifically, if consumers can order virtually any product imaginable and have it delivered directly to them, what types of shopping experiences are likely to persist in the real world? And why? Now that we are two decades into the era of e-commerce, Lionel felt we have a good vantage point to ask and answer these questions. And as someone who is intensely interested in the outcome, Lionel decided … Continue Reading

Linda Lattimore

Linda Lattimore is a dedicated and passionate collaborator and visionary. She is the Founder and Executive Director of the WGN Global Fund (wgn-globalfund.org), a 501c(3) that teaches young leaders about social enterprise as a vehicle for change and gives them the tools to act as role models for future generations. In addition, WGF supports the Global Business Partners program, which joins forces with women in developing nations who, because of socio-economic circumstances, would not otherwise have access to the education or funding opportunities needed to create small businesses. Linda is a well-regarded speaker, published author and educator in the field of Sustained Leadership (lindalattimore.com). As the Founder of Cross Sector Institute (xsectorinstitute.com), she is committed to business models that recognize the significance of social responsibility. Her emphasis is on encouraging clients to create thriving corporate responsibility programs and to do good even as they do well. A seasoned lawyer, C-suite executive and business strategist, she … Continue Reading

Dennis C. Miller

Dennis C. Miller is a nationally recognized strategic leadership coach and executive search consultant with more than thirty-five years of experience working with nonprofit board leadership and chief executives across the country. Dennis is also an expert in board governance, leadership development, philanthropy and succession planning. In addition, he is a sought-after motivational speaker, retreat facilitator and board and leadership performance coach. Dennis’ experience working with hundreds of nonprofit organizations has provided him with the knowledge and insights to understand the competencies required of today’s nonprofit leadership, whether as chief executive officer, chief operating officer or chief development officer. As Managing Director of The Nonprofit Search Group, he recruits executives who can inspire their organization to achieve greater levels of success and measurable achievements. As the former president and chief executive officer of a major medical center and foundation in New Jersey, his reputation as a respected healthcare executive resulted in numerous honors, including the … Continue Reading