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Bill Buckbee

Bill Buckbee as Santa Claus

Bill Buckbee is a country-living guy who enjoys golfing and fishing in the little free time that he has. He is married to his work and is dedicated to his community.

As a full-time job he runs the nonprofit park and museum that he grew up going to as a child. He has spent years as a youth coach of basketball, baseball and football, and has even coached semi-pro women’s football. He has spent time as a volunteer firefighter and is an active Freemason.

In addition, Bill was elected state representative in 2016 to the Connecticut General Assembly, which he highlights as the honor of a lifetime to represent the town he loves so dearly.

Bill has spent more than 25 years playing softball and recreational league football, and his teammates are family to him.

One of three kids, Bill takes family seriously, but always with giant hugs and bigger smiles. A proud uncle to a niece and four nephews (who call him “Uncle Buck”), he can never see enough of them.

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