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Bonnie R. Armstrong

Bonnie R. Armstrong, author of An Apparently Normal Person

Bonnie R. Armstrong spent decades as an apparently normal person who knew nothing of the complex dissociative infrastructure that hid much of her childhood from her conscious memory and supported her from within. She functioned as an effective and happy wife, mother, sister, friend and advocate for children and families. Professionally, she specialized in youth development, education and preventing child abuse, not knowing she was also a resilient survivor.

Bonnie enjoyed a forty-year career that involved high-level positions in two governors’ offices, including a stint in Washington, DC, working with the Carter administration and Congress. She wrote Making Government Work for Your City’s Kids for the National League of Cities and provided consultation that guided a generation of city council members who wanted to improve conditions for children and families in their communities.

In the late 1990s, she moved to philanthropy and focused on building public-private partnerships to strengthen communities, families and child welfare systems to prevent abuse and ensure every child can live in a safe and loving home. She served as an elected school board member, appointed commissioner, nonprofit board member, and expert consultant on child and family policy issues. A national speaker and workshop presenter, she also authored numerous other publications and received many awards for her leadership and accomplishments. Bonnie holds a master’s degree in human development from Pacific Oaks College and is a certified life coach.

At the age of fifty, a mysterious, debilitating illness attacked Bonnie, eventually requiring her to use a wheelchair to continue her active life and travel schedule. After six years of testing and continued degeneration, her neurologist ruled out medical causes and referred her to a psychologist. Together, Bonnie and her therapist slowly uncovered her dissociative disorder, her strong internal community, and the secrets of her childhood.

Bonnie retired in 2012 to focus on healing, learning and writing about her journey through mystery, discovery, horror and the curative interdependence of body, mind, spirit and nature. Big Bonnie lives together with about a dozen of her internal community members, focused on continued healing and their shared life’s purpose: to break generational cycles of abuse and fear and to create a more loving, harmonious world for their grandchildren and yours to grow up in. Bonnie and her internal family especially love sunsets, trees of all kinds, travel, the energy of red rock formations, and mashed potatoes. To learn more about Bonnie’s latest activities, visit her website at bonnierarmstrong.com.

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