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Bruce Ballister

Bruce Ballister

Like many people, Bruce Ballister’s youth as a skinny kid did not presage his obese adulthood. Although slender through high school, the U.S. Army and college life, his waist size grew from 26″ to 30″ by the age of thirty, finally stabilizing at 38″ in his 60s.

Shortly before his bout with heart disease, he retired from a full-time professional life and started considering the next pants size up.

His plans to pursue a second career as a science fiction author and occasional consultant were side-tracked when a surprising interview at an annual physical threatened his very life.

The news of his heart disease came as a shock. His search for understanding what to expect from quadruple bypass surgery and recovery led to the writing of this book.

Bruce’s hope is to provide you with the information he looked for, but couldn’t find. He has drawn on his actual experiences, augmented with research and interviews with a few of the real healthcare professionals he came in contact with on his journey.

He is happy to report that he is well on his way to pursuing his second career now as a happier, healthier and size-34˝ retiree, enjoying his science fiction writing and part-time consulting.

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