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By Way of Luck

By Jim Perkins

By Way of Luck - Jim Perkins

Cover Designer: Gerber Studio

Publisher: A Work in Progress Company

Publication Date: June 22, 2015

ISBN: 978-1495152566

Book Description: Follow along as Jim shares his stories of how the son of Greek Macedonian immigrants came to serve in the U.S. Air Force, rub elbows with celebrities and corporate bigwigs, significantly influence the publishing and ecommerce industries, and initiate a program that led to the conservation of more than 30 million acres of public lands in the United States. His stories give a first-hand glimpse into the evolution of business and media in America.

The people Jim has met along his journey are as varied as his career and include: John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Irving Stone, Saul Alinsky, Helen Gurley Brown, Hugh Hefner, Julie Eisenhower and Haines Gaffner, to name a few. His stories give a first-hand glimpse into the evolution of business and media in America.

Jim is sure to entertain while providing insights into how people respond when caught up in extraordinary events. Here, he tells stories of actors and directors, writers, editors and publishers, of advertising agencies and television executives, of communications and financial conglomerates and of the people who run them, and how the decisions they made shaped the world we live in today.

His colorful memoir recounts the oddly circumstantial events in which Jim has played a central role. Sheer luck — much of it good, he says — put him at the center of the changes engulfing the media industry during the second half of the 20th and into the 21st century.

Luck provides those chances and choices that shape our lives. For better or worse, our response when opportunity comes our way defines our successes and failures. Accepting the challenge of difficult decisions and viewing them as opportunities is what makes up a storied and successful life.

By Way of Luck

Learn through the wit and wisdom of the author how chance may even be shaping the story of your own life every time you decide to take the path “less traveled by.”

Project Info: While this title came to us as an already self-published book, the author wanted help with the marketing and distribution of it. His years of experience in the publishing industry enabled him to write and produce a highly engaging and entertaining book, and the project had appeal for us, despite the challenges of marketing a memoir from an unknown author.

We did ultimately resort to a cover redesign, which created a more appealing look to prospective readers. And we also led publicity efforts that resulted in author interviews and invitations to speak.

The author is a natural-born storyteller with the life experiences to make his stories more than just words. They are lessons to be learned from as well.

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By Way of Luck
By Way of Luck

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