Crossing Swords and the Battle for the Soul of Marriage

By Cindy Peyser Safronoff

Crossing Swords by Cindy Safronoff

Cover Designer: Mark Peyser

Publisher: This One Thing

Publication Date: July 4, 2015

ISBN: 978-0986446108

Book Description: A woman is running for U.S. President! Socialism is gaining ground in America, and a campaign is underway to redefine marriage, causing a culture war between Christian leaders and feminists.

It is 1872, and Victoria Woodhull is leading the radical faction of the women’s rights movement with Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

On the other end of the spectrum, more philosophically aligned with Lucy Stone and Mary Livermore, a movement that would put women into the pulpit worldwide is being launched by Mary Baker Eddy, who staunchly defends the Christian view of the sanctity of marriage.

In the decade after the American Civil War, reformers wanted to fulfill the promise of the American Revolution by giving both blacks and women the right to vote. Legal changes needed for woman suffrage seemed to shake the foundation of the male-female relationship. Disagreement over the implications of women’s rights for sexuality triggered a political, legal, and religious battle for the soul of marriage.

Crossing Swords explores the contentious free-love movement through the love lives, careers and public statements of Mary Baker Eddy and Victoria Woodhull, who came from completely different backgrounds and had polar opposite views on marriage and sexuality. This thought-provoking story is a surprisingly relevant prequel to the similarly divisive social issues of our own era.

Cindy Safronoff and The Boston Globe

Cindy Safronoff with her Boston Globe article

Project Info: Cindy was referred to Emerald Lake Books by a mutual friend. While her book was already published, she was preparing to travel from her home base in Seattle to Boston to give a book signing and talk at the Harvard Book Store.

She wanted help to publicize the book and the event. So we customized a publicity campaign for her that resulted in an article in The Boston Globe as well as solid attendance at the event.

The press release that was written and distributed for her is still generating interest, and we’re hoping that it will lead to further media exposure for her as well.


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