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Marianne Bette, MD

Marianne Bette is a retired family physician from Southbury, Connecticut, the town where she was born and raised and still currently lives. After forty years in family medicine, she’s enjoying her retirement and getting to spend time with her second husband, Gene. The two of them have a truck camper in which they have traveled around the United States, including driving to Alaska and back. (One of their favorite travel destinations.) They share a trusty rescue dog named Buttons, who is their constant companion and she loves camping too. Marianne has three daughters she’s very proud of. Her oldest daughter Sarah lives in southern California with her family. While her other two daughters, Caitlin and Justine, both live in North Carolina. A consummate gardener and home chef, Marianne has also begun work on a third book. This one includes the inspiring stories of some of her former patients. Marianne loves to connect with her readers … Continue Reading

Joanna Quinn

Joanna Quinn can usually be found learning something new to teach teens. As a former middle school teacher, founder of Super Empowered One, and life coach, it is no surprise that her middle-grade fiction book, Greta Grace, weaves some teachable moments into her character’s very relatable experiences. Think, middle school… Ahhh! Through her company, Super Empowered One, Joanna teaches kids how to access their confidence, happiness and power, so they can live their best life. Joanna loves writing, the ocean, a good run, and living in Fairfield, Connecticut, with her husband and their two kids. Visit her at superempoweredone.com to learn more about her coaching services and Greta Grace. Contact Joanna Quinn Interested in having Joanna come speak to your group or interviewing her for your following? Complete the form below, and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Author of:

Linda Kopec

Linda Kopec was a payroll ‌bookkeeper for over twenty years. After surviving both colon cancer and breast cancer, she decided it was time to retire and write her inspiring story of surviving cancer twice. While writing was not Linda’s natural strength, she was determined to learn how to do it well. It was important to her to share her stories of survival to encourage others, and it pleases her that Cancer Gifts: Lessons in Gratitude, Acceptance and Perseverance is ready to bring hope, love and support to all who read it. Linda now works at home with her husband Dennis. They have an accounting business called Sea Bluff Accounting, LLC. Linda and Dennis have been married for over fifty years and make their home in West Haven, Connecticut. They have two grown daughters, who live out of state. Contact Linda Kopec Interested in having Linda come speak to your group or interviewing her for your … Continue Reading

Beth Gibbs

Beth Gibbs has over twenty years of experience teaching and mentoring hundreds of yoga students, teachers and therapists from all over the world to implement the five-layer model of self-awareness in their professional work and personal practice. She holds a master’s degree in yoga therapy and mind/body health from Lesley University and is certified as a yoga therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Beth is a member of the faculty at the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy and is guest faculty at The Graduate Institute. Beth established The Garnett Gibbs Family Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving in memory of her parents. The purpose of the fund is to support yoga and other healthy living programs in the greater Hartford, CT, region for at-risk populations and people of all ages, especially programs for children in public schools and community settings. Her published writing includes newsletters, magazine and blog articles on … Continue Reading

Andrea O’Connor

Having received a library card before she began kindergarten (requiring her cursive signature), Andrea began her writing career at the age of five with a short story describing the seasons. Her next endeavor, at the age of nine, was a novella featuring Christine O’Leary. So began Andrea’s long love affair with the written word. Singularly focused on a nursing career, Andrea continued to write for pleasure throughout high school and college. After earning a master’s degree to teach nursing, she was offered a position as a nurse editor with a major nursing publisher where she honed her writing skills through editing others’ works. Intrigued by the intersect of medical ethics and the law, Andrea attended law school and, upon her admission to the Connecticut and New York bars, established a solo practice in estate planning, probate and elder law. Andrea had long considered writing a mystery series based on some of her legal cases. The … Continue Reading

Bill Buckbee

Bill Buckbee is a country-living guy who enjoys golfing and fishing in the little free time that he has. He is married to his work and is dedicated to his community. As a full-time job he runs the nonprofit park and museum that he grew up going to as a child. He has spent years as a youth coach of basketball, baseball and football, and has even coached semi-pro women’s football. He has spent time as a volunteer firefighter and is an active Freemason. In addition, Bill was elected state representative in 2016 to the Connecticut General Assembly, which he highlights as the honor of a lifetime to represent the town he loves so dearly. Bill has spent more than 25 years playing softball and recreational league football, and his teammates are family to him. One of three kids, Bill takes family seriously, but always with giant hugs and bigger smiles. A proud uncle to … Continue Reading

Esther Wallace

Esther Wallace is an award-winning author and freelance illustrator. She started her journey as a homeschooler, telling stories to her younger siblings. Her favorite books and movies are the ones that challenge the reader as well as the protagonists—the tales so driven by character, those heroes and heroines stay with one through all the hardships and joys of life. Figures like Frodo Baggins, Princess Eilonwy of Llyr, Taran Wanderer, and Harry Potter leap off the page, as they should. Her largest jolts of inspiration appear when reading, watching or reenacting history or joking with her large family around the dinner table. Contact Esther Wallace Interested in having Esther come speak to your group or interviewing her for your following? Complete the form below, and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Author of:  

Marc Youngquist

Marc Youngquist enlisted in the Marines in April 1969, and went off to Parris Island on August 18th of that year. For the next four years, he served all over the Western Pacific (with a very limited time and no direct combat experience in Vietnam). In July 1973, Marc was discharged from active-duty as a Sergeant and, in 1975, was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps Reserve. In 1974, Marc became a police officer attaining the rank of Lieutenant. During that time, he attended the University of New Haven, obtaining a B.A. in Criminal Justice. In 1979, he graduated from the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Marc went on to work as a contractor for the Department of Energy and returned to school to earn an M.S. in Criminal Justice/Public Administration. He later enlisted in the Army Reserve as a Drill Sergeant, and two years later transferred to the Military Police in the … Continue Reading

John Suscovich

John Suscovich lives and works on a 52-acre farm in Western Connecticut. His main operation has always been pastured broilers, however, through the years he has expanded to pigs, sheep, hops, apples, herbs and vegetables. His farm, Camps Road Farm, is one part of a three-part business that includes Kent Falls Brewing Co., a farm brewery on property, and Neversink Spirits, a craft distillery off property. Since getting into farming, John has raised as few as 40 broilers and as many as 2,400 broilers in one season. No matter what else he ends up growing on his farm, chickens always seem to maintain a special place in his heart. They’re enjoyable to raise, his community loves them, and they’re a vital part of the success of his farm. His life has taken a lot of interesting turns. He grew up in Connecticut and went to college at the University of Connecticut as a technical theater major. After school, he moved to New York City where he worked for … Continue Reading

Gladys Stetson Leahy

Gladys Stetson Leahy was born in 1897 in Poland, Maine, where she grew up with her mother in her grandparents’ home, a small produce farm. A bright girl with some promise beyond her current circumstances, she graduated from Edward Little High School in Damariscotta. Presumably under the auspices of her aunt and uncle, Harriett and Luther Spiller, she attended and graduated from Bates College with a B.A. degree in 1919. (Aunt Harriett was the Regional Superintendent of Schools and Uncle Luther was the local postmaster.) After marrying and being deserted by her third cousin, Abner H. Stetson, and bearing his son, she embarked on a teaching career. She started that career at the Edward Little High School. Over the next several years, she changed jobs and locations frequently, seeking to increase her wages in order to support her son, John Howard, who lived with Gladys’ blind mother. To further advance her position, she spent several … Continue Reading

Jack Stetson

John Howard Stetson, Jr. (aka “Jack” Stetson) is the grandson of Gladys Stetson Leahy and John Leahy’s step-grandson. Growing up under the strong influence of both Leahys, Jack began his working career as an office boy at a part-time job at the age of twelve. He graduated from Danbury High School in 1962 and spent three semesters at the University of Rhode Island. Disillusioned with college life, he left there, came home, married Carol Farwell, and spent the rest of his life as a student of the John W. Leahy College of Life-Long Learning while working his way up the ladder as an employee of the various Leahy enterprises. That culminated in his owning those businesses, which will celebrate 100 years of existence in 2017. His many joyful years of working at the Danbury Fair prompted him to complete writing the story of its history. Contact Jack Stetson Interested in interviewing Jack for your readers? … Continue Reading

Tara R. Alemany

Tara R. Alemany defies a simple definition. She is a multi-award-winning author, speaker, business consultant and publisher, as well as a serial entrepreneur. Although she’s started many businesses during her career, her favorite by far is Emerald Lake Books, which she co-owns with her best friend, Mark Gerber. This hybrid publishing company specializes in working with positive people who have an engaging, exciting or entertaining message to share with the world. Using a unique, goal-oriented approach to publishing, Tara combines her business and publishing knowledge to help her authors set and attain goals for their readers, their brands and their books. And many of those books have gone on to win international awards and recognition, thanks to Emerald Lake’s “Publish with a Purpose” framework. Tara’s latest book, Publish with Purpose (April 2019), reveals the unique process developed by Emerald Lake Books to help their authors set and attain their own goals. In addition to publishing, consulting, writing and … Continue Reading