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Deborah Charnes

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Riddled with chronic lower back pain and digestive disorders since childhood, Deborah Charnes spent fifty years exploring the world, uncovering secrets to health
and happiness.

For two decades, she managed hundreds of news conferences, editorial board meetings, press briefings, and one-on-one interviews. She worked with security,
communications and advance teams for John McCain, Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, then-Vice President Joe Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, Bernie Sanders, megastar Jennifer Lopez, and the Vice President of El Salvador.

To balance the chaotic scales directing major league campaigns, it was essential for her to soothe the stress and 24/7 schedule with body, mind and spirit lifesavers.

In 2011, Deborah left the high-pressure demands as an international corporate marketing communications strategist.

Moving forward, she dedicated that same energy to positive transformation—of herself and others. She vowed to never stop learning—or sharing.

Deborah has published more than five hundred mind/body and lifestyle articles, and in 2021, she joined AARP’s The
Ethel as a contributing writer.

Already a certified yoga teacher, she added training in Ayurvedic massage therapy, nutrition and cooking. She
received certification in yin, restorative and yoga nidra therapies, acupressure and reiki, and became one of the first bilingual (English/Spanish) certified yoga therapists in Texas.

Coaching people of all ages all over the world and with many physical or emotional challenges, she seeks to boost the mind, body and spirit through simple techniques that can be practiced anywhere and anytime. To that end, she has created many signature therapeutic workshops and offers Wisdom Weekend retreats. You can view her current offerings on her website at deborahcharnes.com.

When not writing, traveling or working with her yoga students and therapy clients, Deborah enjoys hosting
guests at her mini retreat center, The Namaste Getaway, in Texas Hill Country. If you’re interested in booking one-on-one yoga therapy or a therapeutic getaway with her, visit deborahcharnes.com/getaway.

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