Andrea O’Connor

Having received a library card before she began kindergarten (requiring her cursive signature), Andrea began her writing career at the age of five with a short story describing the seasons. Her next endeavor, at age nine, was a novella featuring Christine O’Leary. So began Andrea’s long love affair with the written word. Singularly focused on a nursing career, Andrea continued to write for pleasure throughout high school and college. After completing a master’s degree to teach nursing, she was offered a position as a nurse editor with the American Journal of Nursing, where she honed her writing skills through editing others’ works. Andrea was in the midst of writing a novel styled as a memoir when her husband John’s Parkinson’s disease progressed to the point where he was unable to engage in his usual active lifestyle. He longed to “do something,” so she suggested they write a book together. She had long considered writing a … Continue Reading