Is writing a book
right for you?

Is there a book that you really want to write, but you don't know if it's worth your time and effort? Or have you written it already and don't know which next steps to take or whether it will really solve the business problems you hope it will?

If you feel passionate and excited your book, but are being held back by fear or uncertainty, or a simple lack of time and energy, this call is for you.

Emerald Lake Books can help you get "unstuck" and move beyond this hurdle. 

Our coaching package consists of: a workbook, a 30-minute VIP call, and a recording of the call to refer back to afterward.

The VIP call is a personalized phone call with Tara R. Alemany, founder of Emerald Lake Books, and author of multiple award-winning books. Tara has worked with numerous authors to help them achieve their own happy results.

Now it's your turn... 

Come with your questions. Talk through your concerns. Gain clarity on what you want to do and how to move forward.

But more importantly, you'll stop wrestling with the indecision of what do to with your book. 

Is it time to set it aside or time to do something with it?