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Joy to Go: The Elixir of Champions

By Judy Handwerker

Joy to Go by Judy Handwerker front cover

Cover Designer: Gerber Studio

Publisher: Author

Publication Date: December 14, 2013
(Pre-Emerald Lake Books)

Project Info: Judy came to us with a draft manuscript in need of significant editing to create the book she envisioned it to be. We handled the edits, formatting and used Mark Gerber from Gerber Studio for the cover design and interior embellishments.

Then one day, the timeline had to be significantly shifted forward. Judy was leaving for South Africa in two weeks and wanted printed copies to take with her. We pulled together printing estimates, found a local printer capable of doing a priority job to the standards we required, and managed to proof the prints and get Judy her copies just in time.

This edition is no longer in print. It’s been replaced by the 2nd edition.


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