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Living with a Dead Man

By Marianne Bette, M.D.

Living with a Dead Man by Marianne Bette, M.D. - cover

Cover Designer: Gerber Studio

Publisher: Emerald Lake Books

Publication Date: March 4, 2016

ISBN: 978-0996567428

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Book Description: Sitting in an oncologist’s waiting room is one of life’s more sobering experiences. The first thing that hit her was that she was there, not as a doctor, but as a cancer patient’s wife.

It didn’t matter that Marianne was a family practitioner, or that her husband, Thom, was a death and dying therapist. Cancer, and all that went with it, had found them.

This story shares their journey as they faced the most difficult challenge of their life together, and the beauty they discovered along the way in family, friends and living.

Living with a Dead Man

Project Info: After having read an article in a local newspaper about Emerald Lake Books and its owner, Tara R. Alemany, award-winning author of The Best is Yet to Come, Marianne reached out to us.

She knew it was time to finally put her book to bed. She’d been working on it for over a decade and just wanted to be done with it.

We helped her craft a story and book that she is proud of, while being humbled by the results.

In the first month after its release, book clubs, patients, friends and family were all telling her what a wonderful story she’d written. Requests to have her come and speak to groups also starting pouring in as well, which was wonderful for us to hear, because it had been one of her original hopes for the book.

For Emerald Lake Books, the pleasure we hear in our authors’ voices when they tell us how their books are being received and how their dreams are being realized is wonderful!

Throughout our journey together, Marianne has become more than just another satisfied client. She’s become a dear friend to us as well, and we’re happy to welcome her into the Emerald Lake Books family and celebrate the release of Living with a Dead Man!

In the News: 

Book Launch Party planned for September 15, 2016
Physician’s Memoir Tribute to Her Husband’s Life, Death

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Living with a Dead Man
Living with a Dead Man
Living with a Dead Man
Living with a Dead Man
Living with a Dead Man
Living with a Dead Man

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