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Marianne Bette, MD

Marianne Bette, MD

Marianne Bette is a retired family physician from Southbury, Connecticut, the town where she was born and raised and still currently lives.

After forty years in family medicine, she’s enjoying her retirement and getting to spend time with her second husband, Gene. The two of them have a truck camper in which they have traveled around the United States, including driving to Alaska and back. (One of their favorite travel destinations.) They share a trusty rescue dog named Buttons, who is their constant companion and she loves camping too.

Marianne has three daughters she’s very proud of. Her oldest daughter Sarah lives in southern California with her family. While her other two daughters, Caitlin and Justine, both live in North Carolina.

A consummate gardener and home chef, Marianne has also begun work on a third book. This one includes the inspiring stories of some of her former patients.

Marianne loves to connect with her readers on Instagram (@bettemarianne) and invites you to follow her there.

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Author of:

Living with a Dead Man by Marianne Bette, M.D.
Living with a Grieving Heart by Marianne Bette, M.D.

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