Master Your Exit Plan

Chris Vanderzyden

Cover Designer: Mark Gerber

Publisher: Emerald Lake Books

Publication Date: April 19, 2022

ISBN: 978-1-945847-55-4

Book Description:

Only 20 percent of businesses brought to market actually sell.

And 75 percent of business owners regret selling their business.

Selling your business is a complex transaction filled with potential pitfalls. You need a comprehensive exit strategy that will protect your wealth, family and legacy.

How can you successfully navigate this process?

Written in layman’s terms and applicable across industries, Chris clearly walks you through this traditionally difficult process. She shows you how to sell your business, avoiding costly mistakes, so you can preserve your legacy and enter your next chapter with no regrets.

Master Your Exit Plan guides you from confusion to clarity.

What Others Are Saying

Creating a thriving business is a dream for entrepreneurs. Yet growing a business is all-consuming. While a lucrative exit is often back-of-mind, it is rarely planned or thoughtfully aligned with personal, financial or post-sale goals. In Master Your Exit Plan, Chris Vanderzyden provides a roadmap with easily understood steps and illustrative cases. This book is valuable to all business owners. As an entrepreneur myself, I wish I had these insights three businesses ago. This book is a must-read, whether you are a seasoned owner looking to sell a business or an entrepreneur just getting started.

— James C. Fitchett, Harvard University faculty

Entrepreneurship is the pillar that supports our communities. And every owner will inevitably exit their business. Master Your Exit Plan is a great educational tool that provides business owners with the necessary guidance to ensure a successful transition so their businesses and our communities will continue to thrive.

— Steve Mariotti, Founder, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

The second best way to “Master Your Exit Plan” is to have one! The best way is to have a master advisor to aid you in navigating the process. Chris Vanderzyden shows you how to navigate the obstacles and come out on top with any merger or acquisition!

— Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, Chairman and Founder, C-Suite Network

Project Info:

Chris Vanderzyden has been a friend of Tara Alemany’s for years. So, when she finished writing her third book, she decided to bring it to Emerald Lake Books.

It was great fun to work together with Chris on this project. And the result is what you get when two perfectionists collaborate. The best part is, we’re still friends! Lol!

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