My Storied Life

Phyllis Blackstone

Cover Designer: Mark Gerber

Publisher: Emerald Lake Books

Publication Date: November 16, 2021

ISBN: 978-1-945847-50-9

Book Description:

Listen in as professional storyteller Phyllis Blackstone shares stories about her family, career, musings and life. These heartwarming tales provide a breath of fresh air that offers comfort and stimulates our own reflections, while the universal truths they convey encourage further exploration through discussion with others.

You’ll find yourself laughing one minute and crying the next as you enjoy Blackstone’s gift as an observer and communicator of the human condition in all its beauty, foibles and sadness. Join this master storyteller as she shares tales that will amuse you, inspire you, connect you to shared experiences, and challenge you to consider how your life has meaning beyond your own understanding.

What Others Are Saying

My Storied Life is much more than a collection of personal tales. It is a collection of vignettes by an ordinary woman from Maine who made her life extraordinary. Phyllis Blackstone writes with a purpose, with an authentic voice that transforms the mundane into something meaningful. Wrap a warm blanket around your shoulders and read this book in a lounge chair outside of your Roadtrek in front of a campfire. Blackstone’s tales will amuse you, inspire you, connect you to shared experiences, and challenge you to consider how your life has meaning beyond your own understanding.

Grant T. Smith, PhD, Professor Emeritus of English, Viterbo University

From the very first page, Phyllis Blackstone seems to invite you to sit next to her on the couch as she shows you old photos and tells you about all the folks in the pictures. From watching for the school bus to charming audiences with her storytelling, she shares insights, meaningful moments, and laughter. A personal and engaging book that will leave you inspired by a life well-lived.

Hope Lewis, MS, CCMHC, performance storyteller,
past chair of Northeast Storytelling,
founder of the Worldwide Virtual Storytelling Guild

In the News:

Maine Storyteller Turns Author During Pandemic

Caribou Native Turns Storytelling Into Book

Project Info:

Phyllis Blackstone is good friends with another one of our authors, Susanna Liller, who happens to be a huge fan of Phyllis’s storytelling performances. Susanna began encouraging Phyllis to create a book of her stories, but she wasn’t so certain about the idea at first. After all, when you perform a story, there’s a whole other communication system of physical expression involved that includes tone of voice and body language. Could her stories stand on just words alone?

After some initial exploratory conversations with us, she decided to forge ahead. The journey we took together as we explored the subtleties of language and how they could be used to capture the essence of her live performances was a fascinating one for each of us who worked on this project. And we’re all very proud of the result.

A few different people have used the phrase “a breath of fresh air” to refer to Phyllis and her stories, and I believe you’ll find that’s been reflected in her book as well.

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