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On the Cellar Door

By Dave Gregory

On the Cellar Door - by Dave Gregory


Cover Designer: Gerber Studio

Publisher: Emerald Lake Books

Publication Date: October 29, 2015

ISBN: 978-0996567404

Book Description: On the Cellar Door has very humble origins. It grew as the author’s children grew. Once his kids could read, a sign would go up on the cellar door around Thanksgiving. The original signs were simple orders: KEEP OUT.

Somewhere along the line, the author started to expand on this theme and would write a little poem, ending with a dire warning for any unauthorized persons who thought to cross the threshold.

The second part of this book includes stories and poems that help portray his love/hate relationship with the winter season. In this section, you’ll be reminded of joyous preparations and fond memories of the Christmas season, and the short days and long nights of cold that follow until spring finally makes it a thing of the past.

Project Info: This book was an unusual project for us to take on, yet the story behind it held an appeal (and challenge) for us.

The poems themselves were never intended to be published. They were written originally for the author’s family, and then after a while for his friends as well. The “Cellar Door” poems in Part I were all originally printed on decorative papers often found during the holiday season. Yet these faded, cracked and aged pages were all we had to go on to create that part of the book. Therefore, significant digital reconstruction was needed, and it posed an interesting challenge for our artist-in-residence.

While the poems in Part II were illustrated by a different artist and in a different style than those of Part I, they had their own challenges to be overcome in producing the book.

Yet the two parts of this whimsical book combine to make a beautiful rendering of the many emotions and experiences of winter, especially in New England.