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Opening Your Presence

Greta Muller

Cover Designer: Mark Gerber

Publisher: Emerald Lake Books

Publication Date: May 17, 2022

ISBN: 978-1-945847-60-8

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Book Description:

Is the first impression you make the best impression you can make?

With candor, grace and humor, Greta Muller teaches you how to tap into your greatest gifts and talents to channel the best parts of you into a presence that is personal, powerful and genuine.

Opening Your Presence is written for the nonprofessional speaker who can’t afford to leave a bad impression.

When you open your presence, you learn to:

  • Clear away your fears and misconceptions.
  • Prepare for your encounter.
  • Craft your message.
  • Utilize the tools at your disposal.
  • Present with confidence.

If you want to nail your next presentation with poise and ease, this book is for you.

Opening Your Presence

What Others Are Saying

With her vast practical experience, Greta Muller is an expert in teaching technical presentation skills. But where Greta really stands out is her ability to amplify her clients’ natural strengths as speakers to put forth their most authentic selves. A true director, she helps her clients reconcile how they think they come across to an audience with what is actually projected. Greta does her work with candor, grace and humor, and I fondly refer to her as “my mirror.” Working with Greta, I found a trusted adviser and consultant who has played an important role in my life and career.

—Talene Lanuza Staab, Vice President and Global Head, Tru by Hilton

Greta Muller is the source! For those who seek to make a genuine connection with their audience as well as themselves, start with Opening Your Presence. Ms. Muller hits the message out of the park, immediately pulling in her audience. Read this book. Think about it. Practice it! This person knows her field.

—Phillip Sprayberry, DLitt, Author, All I Ever Needed Was the Music

Greta Muller has a gift for seeing and uncovering the best and most genuine parts of us so we can connect in authentic and meaningful ways. Her writing and coaching are accessible, fun and impactful. Since reading her book, Opening Your Presence, I have found the concepts to be immensely helpful, both personally and professionally. Her observations and humor make for an easy read and leave you wanting more. We all have a presence worthy of others seeing. Thank you, Greta, for your ability to help us bravely present that to the world.

—Linda Page, Vice President, Sales Enablement

Project Info:

Tara edited the first edition of Greta Muller’s Opening Your Presence back in 2014, before Emerald Lake Books officially opened its doors. And when Greta began considering a second edition of the book, updated to include insights on how to authentically present oneself in an online environment, the first person she thought of to help her was Tara.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Greta again. Her warmth, humor and approachable style made this book a fun project to work on.

Opening Your Presence

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