Optimize Your Immune System

Marie Ruggles, RD, CN

Cover Designer: Mark Gerber

Publisher: Emerald Lake Books

Publication Date: September 29, 2020

ISBN: 978-1-945847-30-1

Book Description:

Many people think that it’s normal to come down with an illness each year and, for some, two or three times a year. Yet researchers have proven that nutrition and lifestyle factors can boost your immune system.

Learn how to build a kitchen pharmacy of whole foods, superfoods and nutrients to provide a stable foundation for your health. And when you’re at an increased risk of infection, know what to do to derail a virus before it takes hold.

Follow this immune-boosting roadmap to a healthier diet, making you less prone to viral infections and more resilient after an illness.

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Project Info:

When Marie Ruggles first reached out to Emerald Lake Books about helping with this book, her passion for her topic and her readers came shining through. She felt a distinct urgency to get this information into the hands of as many readers as possible, as soon as possible.

While it’s always been valuable information to have, the renewed focus on preserving our health that 2020 has brought to many of us made it all the more important.

We especially liked the concept she presented of creating a kitchen pharmacy. The sense of personal control and responsibility that comes through her writing was inspiring to us, and the fact that she had 40 years of experience in this field to back up her recommendations gave us confidence that this was going to be a beneficial and valuable book to many people.

In the News:

Emerald Lake Books releases “Optimize Your Immune System”

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