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Our Favorite Black Friday Deals for Authors

There is so much to learn when it comes to writing and marketing a book, and it is easy to spend more money than we really wanted to with all the amazing resources out there. So we decided that Black Friday and Cyber Monday presented great opportunities for us to share some of our favorite resources with you, while you could actually get them at a discount.

Tools and Services

ProWritingAid50% off both lifetime and annual subscriptions through November 29.ProWritingAid is an all-in-one editor and writing coach. Instead of simply telling you what’s wrong with a sentence, it tells you why it’s wrong, so you can learn from your mistakes and break bad writing habits. So, whether you’re working on your next book or writing an email to someone, this tool helps you write with confidence.
Publisher RocketGet the Mastering Keywords course for free ($50 value) with purchase of Publisher Rocket. Available through November 30.We’ve been a fan of Publisher Rocket for years now and recommend it to any serious writer or publisher. And Dave Chesson and his team at Kindlepreneur just keep making it better! They recently made some updates that show which genres perform best in Kindle Unlimited and which are dominated by the Big Five, making it easier to make marketing and positioning decisions that help to take the guesswork out of selling books.
upcoachYou have your choice of Black Friday deals this year. You can get 12 months of upcoach for just $1 per month with one deal here and a bundle of 4 playbooks by bestselling author and coach Todd Herman for only $40 (instead of $200) here. Both deals are available through November 30.Many authors generate additional revenue from their books by offering coaching or courses related to their expertise. And until the past year, we didn’t have a favorite tool to recommend to people who wanted to do that. But we do now! This platform was developed by Todd Herman, who originally created it to grow and scale his own coaching business. As such, it’s built specifically with coaching programs in mind and provides built-in tools for you to develop and deliver your coaching programs (both one-on-one and group), courses, accountability tracking, and more! (Check out the upcoach demo to learn more.)
QuickWrite$197 for lifetime access. Available through November 30.This new tool is pretty darn amazing! QuickWrite is the only fully featured AI focused on the tasks that authors use every day. This AI assists you in writing, brainstorming, marketing and administrative tasks. For fiction authors, it helps with character development, world-building, story scenarios, description generation, key element creation, and more! For nonfiction authors, develop your book and chapter outlines in a snap, create book titles and descriptions with ease, and get started with section introductions instead of a blank page. Beyond helping you get started on your book, there are additional features that help with marketing and blogging activities as well as writing email and social media posts, and even describing podcast episodes. While there is no substitute for doing your own writing, this tool is a great resource for speeding up your writing process with fully-formed ideas. Here’s a behind-the-scenes video we recorded for you if you want to see it in action.


61 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Publisher guide – 50% off of $19.95. This guide suggests 61 different questions on a variety of topics that you may want to consider asking publishers. Then it explains some of the more common responses to the question so you understand what they mean and how it might affect your book.

Video Content

Legal Tips for Authors, an interview with Jonathan KirschFREE!In this interview, Tara R. Alemany and Jonathan Kirsch, a publishing, privacy and intellectual property attorney, talk about the legal details of publishing that every author should be aware of.
Choosing the Right Publisher for YOUFREE!Are you ready to take the next step with your book? Before you do, make sure you understand the pros and cons of the options before you, and how best to avoid the pitfalls that lie ahead.
Mythbusters: The Hybrid Publishing EditionFREE!This panel of four hybrid publishers talks about the myths surrounding hybrid publishing and what you need to know to make an informed decision regarding your publishing options.
Social Media and Advertising for Authors$5 off of $20.This collection contains some of our most popular interviews related to using social media and advertising for authors, brought to you from the Publish with Purpose virtual summit vaults.
Building Your Author Platform$5 off of $25.This collection contains some of our most popular interviews related to building an author platform, brought to you from the Publish with Purpose virtual summit vaults.


HeySummit60% off your first 9 months.Many attendees from our Publish with Purpose virtual summit have asked us what software we use to host our event, and we’re pleased to share that it’s HeySummit by Benjamin Dell. We’ve used it all three years now and couldn’t be happier with it!
Publish with Purpose 2022 replays$20 off $67 ticket price.If you missed this year’s summit, you missed some great content! Whether you’re looking to build your mailing list, find sponsors for your marketing, or sell more books, there’s something in it for every author, regardless of experience level, genre or publishing model.
Women in Publishing 2023$50 off the Early Bird pricing of $147 with code WIPBF50 through December 4.We love the Women in Publishing Summit, which takes place March 1-4, 2023. Our founder, Tara R. Alemany, has been a speaker there the past two years and will be speaking there again in 2023! This annual event is the largest virtual event for women in the publishing industry and includes over 40 workshops for nonfiction, fiction and children’s book authors.


Book Launches Simplified – 30% off of $297 with code BlackFriday2022 through December 1. This course forms the basis for much of the coaching we do directly with the authors we publish. It contains over 9 hours of video content, plus numerous homework assignments, that walk you through the process of developing a book marketing plan that is sustainable for you.

Mark Dawson’s Launch Pad – While this isn’t truly a Black Friday deal, Mark Dawson only offers this program periodically, and it returns to the vaults after November 30. And as one of the premiere book marketing experts out there, it’s well worth enrolling while you can!

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