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Publish with Purpose

Hybrid Publishing: A Publishing Alternative, Not a Scam

Earlier this year, the Society of Authors and the Writers Guild of Great Britain issued a joint report regarding the hybrid publishing model called “Is it a Steal?” In this report, hybrid publishing came under fire as being “the worst option a writer can take” and accusing hybrid publishers of predatory practices. For those who aren’t familiar with hybrid publishing, it’s a publishing model whereby the author subsidizes most or all of the costs of publishing the book while their publishing partner leverages their knowledge and expertise to create a quality book and send it out into the proper distribution channels to reach the author’s ideal readers. As in any industry, there are bad actors out there. You must do your due diligence before signing any contract. Some companies use aggressive marketing tactics trying to sell you on services and add-ons that you don’t really need, while others aren’t transparent about their contracts and will … Continue Reading

A Book Is NOT a Glorified Business Card

Have you ever heard someone describe their book as a glorified business card? Some speakers and coaches hand out their books at conferences and events like stickers at a pediatrician’s office or lollipops at a bank. However, a book is so much more than a glorified business card. Let’s take a closer look, and I’ll show you why. A business card typically contains a lot of useful information about you, especially if a person wants to get in touch with you. It may have your: name email address phone number website photo product info social media handle and more! Every detail on the card is about you and your brand. Yet an effective book, one that can successfully help you grow your business, is more about the reader and the problem they’re looking to solve than it is about you. A business-building book: clearly identifies the reader’s problem. outlines some possible solutions. shares why certain … Continue Reading

Learn How to Publish with Purpose

My book, Publish with Purpose, is based on a framework that Emerald Lake Books developed for the authors we publish. We use it for every project we work on. The process has proved to be so beneficial to our authors that I decided to write about it in my book and often speak about it at conferences. Here’s a quick overview of what publishing with purpose means and how to do it yourself. And if you’re looking for help figuring out how to apply this to your own works, we invite you to reach out to us for a coaching call. What Does It Mean to Publish with Purpose? Publish with purpose is a goal-oriented framework that is intended to help authors identify three specific goals. One is for their reader’s goal in terms of: What is the reader looking to get out of the book that they’ve picked up? Why did they pick it … Continue Reading