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Publish with Purpose

Tara R. Alemany

Cover Designer: Mark Gerber

Publisher: Emerald Lake Books

Publication Date: April 23, 2019

ISBN: 978-1-945847-15-8

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Book Description:

Writing a book isn’t easy. Marketing one isn’t any better. Successful authors understand how the two support each other.

The case studies and exercises in this book provide you with a valuable roadmap to effortlessly engage the right readers and achieve the results you want for your reader, your book and yourself.

Follow this easily repeatable, goal-oriented framework to:

  • identify your ideal reader and what they want most from you.
  • decide which elements your book needs to build the business you want.
  • reveal the purpose beyond the purpose of your book.

After all the effort you’ve put into your book, don’t stop short of your goal! Learn what it takes to make your book a success.

“Publish with Purpose is unlike any other book you’ve read before. Yes, it’s a book on writing. Sort of… And it’s also a book on marketing. Sort of… But what it really is, is a cross-over book that looks at how writing and marketing (and everything else you do related to your book) are interconnected. And that’s what makes this book different.”

—Taken from the Foreword by Penny Sansevieri, CEO of Author Marketing Experts

“Filled with wisdom and insight, it is an excellent companion on the publishing path.”

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For fans of:

  • Rob Kosberg
  • Stephanie Chandler
  • Gundi Gabrielle
  • Honoree Corder
  • Bryan Collins
  • Chandler Bolt

Project Info:

Tara is the founder and co-owner of Emerald Lake Books. This book is her seventh one, but she anticipates that it will play a crucial role in the business for years to come.

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Publish with Purpose

Readers Favorite 5-Star Review

Readers Favorite 5-star medal

Publish with Purpose: A Goal-Oriented Framework for Publishing Success by Tara R. Alemany is a practical guide to a successful writing and publishing career. With the number of book publishing options in the market, authors still find themselves trapped, unsure of what to do when it comes to getting their book in front of the right audience. While writing can be hard work, marketing a book can be even more demanding. Making the right decisions when it comes to publishing tools and an effective marketing strategy is the secret to not only getting books to the right audiences but building a career that is fruitful. In this self-help book, the author offers great advice and helps authors with tools they need to create a winning publishing strategy. 

Tara R. Alemany breaks ground for both new and existing authors and discusses the importance of knowing why they write and connecting that why to the needs of their audiences. This book will help any writer learn the art of defining their purpose of writing, of knowing who their audience is, and of writing a book that addresses concrete needs while helping the author reach specific goals. The author explains the framework in this book and what it is designed to achieve: reader experience and the experience the author wants them to have, the author and their business, and the overall impact of the book. The ideas in this book are well arranged and the bullet points, combined with the step by step process, make a great working tool for readers. Publish with Purpose: A Goal-Oriented Framework for Publishing Success is written in an easy-to-understand conversational style that makes for a great reading experience. Filled with wisdom and insight, it is an excellent companion on the publishing path.

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