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Book Design

What We Do

When you submit your manuscript to Emerald Lake Books for our Design Services, here’s what we do:

  • Remove unwanted spaces, breaks, tabs and sections to clean your text for typesetting.
  • Layout pages by setting the trim, margins, binding edge, bleed and recto-verso pages.
  • Consistently setting each line of text, adjusting spanning, hyphenation and kerning as required.
  • Check for title casing, spaces before punctuation, curly quotes and en/em dashes.
  • Ensure final .pdf file meets your print house specifications and contains embedded fonts.
  • Style half title, title, copyright, contents tables, dedication and foreword.
  • Select fonts and design styles for headings, body text, quotes, lists, captions, fleurons etc.
  • Create running headers with author/chapter and book title. Roman/Arabic page numbering.
  • Create squared-off pages that avoid widows, orphans and empty space where possible.

The result is a professionally designed book that looks and feels exactly like it was handled by a traditional publishing house.