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Cover Design

What We Do

When you request a cover design from Emerald Lake Books, here’s what we do:

  • Consult with you to get your input on what you want for your cover design (preferences for color, images, font, effects, etc.).
  • Produce a template layout based on the specific parameters of your book’s binding, size and page count, including front and back covers, and spine. (Assumes high-res photos of author and final copy for back cover are provided.)
  • Design a basic cover that’s uniquely yours featuring type and simple, usually stock, art as design elements. (Stock image prices are not included.)
  • Perform minor photo edits as needed (e.g., adjust colors, small touch-ups).
  • Additional photo editing (e.g., creating masks to isolate image to remove or change background, stitching images together, major retouching) can be provided at an additional charge.
  • Deliver a print-ready PDF cover file with the bleed, trim and spine width set to your specifications.

In addition to basic covers, our talented designers can create one-of-a-kind illustrations and composite artwork to meet your needs, as well as 3D images for use on your website and elsewhere.

The best thing about what they bring to the table though is that they have long-standing working relationships in the publishing industry. They know what works, they know what doesn’t and, more importantly, they know why. In that way, they can guide you to a cover design that appeals to both you and your target audience.