Shui Gui

By Vivian Towers

Shui Gui - Vivian TowersCover Designer:

Publisher: Vivian Towers

Publication Date: August 18, 2015


Book Description: A Shui Gui, Chinese water ghost, attacked twelve-year-old Hunter Wells while swimming in a lake at a small village in Luxembourg. According to Asian folklore, Shui Guis are known to be evil ghosts that live in the water and drown humans to possess their souls. Miraculously, Hunter survived. But his survival would not be without consequence.

Unexplained night terrors and convulsions consumed his young life. After exhaustive medical testing, Hunter’s mother opted to seek the help of a Chinese Wu or Shaman who uncovered the true nature of his illness. Over time he discovered that he was robbed from his innate destiny and implanted with paranormal abilities, forcing him to endure many hardships.

At seventeen, Hunter relocated with his mom to Clear Bluff, West Virginia, where she was born. There, he met Laurel, his first love. A chain of events and web of deceit, evil and even death, forced the rise of a new and powerful Shui Gui. Hunter’s great resilience and teachings proved him to be a formidable opponent. But will he be strong enough to battle against the Shui Gui’s growing and unstoppable thirst for human souls.

Project Info: Vivian came to us after having self-published her book, looking for reviewer campaign and launch services.

After our first interim marketing report, Vivian responded:

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