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By Linda Lattimore

Solutionaries by Linda Lattimore

Cover Designer: Gerber Studio

Publisher: Emerald Lake Books

Publication Date: April 3, 2018

Paperback: 978-1-945847-01-1
ePub: 978-1-945847-02-8

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Book Description: Are you someone who hungers to make a difference in the world, but doesn’t know how?

Many people want solutions for the issues facing the world today. Yet most get stuck trying to figure out how they can make things better or where to focus their efforts. These include Baby Boomers wishing they could leave a legacy, Millennials unsure where they want to work but clear that it needs to be with conscious companies, women re-entering the workforce uncertain about their skills and talents, and others who have a desire to serve and leave a positive impact through their work and volunteer efforts.

“Solutionaries” takes you through a process whereby you:

  • Discover the talents, gifts and tools that make you uniquely qualified to lead.
  • Present your distinct value proposition to the world with intention.
  • Identify compelling issues that drive you to serve and make a difference.
  • Find and join your tribe of like-minded “Solutionaries” and changemakers.
  • Create an action plan for a life that meets both your financial and emotional needs.
  • And more!

Discover the answer to making the world a better place!

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For fans of:

  • Zoe Weil’s “The World Becomes What We Teach”
  • Anthony Boquet’s “The Bloodline of Wisdom”
  • William MacAskill’s “Do More than Give”
  • Leslie R. Crutchfield’s “Doing Good Better”
  • Peter Singer’s “The Life You Can Save”

Project Info: Linda Lattimore was introduced to us by a mutual friend, Kimber Kabell. People had been coming to Linda asking her to help them find a way to identify work that would give them emotional fulfillment in terms of making a difference in the world. As an attorney and social entrepreneur, speaker and trainer, Linda created an online course outlining the process she uses herself. Based on the responses she received, she decided the content needed to be in a book as well. When she was talking with Kimber about her ideas, Kimber suggested that she speak with us.

Linda’s hope was that the book would create more visibility for her course and drive people to the online classes, masterminds and consulting and keynotes she has built around the Solutionary concept.

We love the fact that she encourages people to be the answer to the problems they see around them, and thought that the book was a great complement to one that our founder, Tara R. Alemany, co-authored (The Character-Based Leader) as well as another book we published last year by Cheryl Marks Young, Love Your Life.

We’re looking forward to seeing the positive impact this makes on the lives of its readers. If you want to share your story of becoming a Solutionary, tag it with #Solutionaries365!

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