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Soul Food

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Author: Beth Gibbs
Publisher: Emerald Lake Books
ISBN: 978-1-945847-66-0
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 5.5x8.5”
Release date: February 28, 2023

In these heartwarming and uplifting tales that celebrate the human spirit, we’re offered a glimpse into the lives of a diverse group of characters as they search for clarity, contentment and resilience in a complicated world.

From dealing with heartbreak and loss to fighting for their dreams and standing up for themselves, we see them face their struggles with humor, self-reflection and tenacity.

But Soul Food is more than just a collection of inspiring, interconnected stories. It's a celebration of the human experience and the rich tapestry of emotions that make us who we are. Through the diverse range of characters and themes, we are reminded of the many ways in which we can find meaning and fulfillment in our lives, despite the challenges we face.

Like a good Sunday brunch, composed of complementary foods from appetizers to dessert, the stories in Soul Food are colorful, homey and easily digested. They are sure to nourish your body, mind and spirit, and leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. Don't miss out on this delicious feast for the senses.

This standalone companion to Beth Gibbs’s Enlighten Up! expands the ideas from Enlighten Up! in fictional and often humorous ways, as stories, laughter and entertainment are nonthreatening ways to learn new skills. Great for light reading, self-reflection and book clubs. Discussion questions included!


Quirky characters, surprising plots and complex history come together in this inspiring collection of stories. Soul Food is written with heart, thought and wit that will make you think, laugh and learn; a delightful read.

Nancy Slonim Aronie, author of Writing from the Heart and Memoir as Medicine

Soul Food is a delightful collection of stories, chock full of humor, each one infused with a salient essence of truth. Each offering feeds the soul and nourishes the spirit. Pair with tea, espresso or a fine wine.

Phyllis A. Blackstone, educator, storyteller
and author of
My Storied Life

Reading Soul Food by Beth Gibbs was like sharing a delicious meal with old friends. Each story is a delectable dish, served up by appealing, clever characters—people I felt I knew or wished I knew. A variety of timely topics are part of the friendly dinner conversation. Beth’s clear, concise writing style makes each story a pleasure to read. While each story stands on its own, I particularly enjoyed the way threads and characters of one story found their way into other stories, much like the flavors and spices of a good meal are picked up throughout several dishes. I finished the collection feeling content and satisfied, as though I’d eaten an enjoyable meal.

Carla Dean, President, Journey Writers, Inc.

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