Surviving Healthcare in Australia

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Finding the necessary healthcare solutions for patients and caregivers in Australia can be a daunting task. Although the Australian healthcare system is world-class, its evolution has led to complexities, inequalities and frustrations for healthcare practitioners and patients alike.

In this book, you will learn:

  • why diagnosis and treatment need to adopt a more holistic view of individuals.
  • which practices and restrictions prohibit healthcare practitioners from delivering the best care for their patients, despite their best intentions.
  • where to find the help and support you need based on your unique circumstances.
  • how to navigate the existing healthcare system to achieve the best results.
  • how minor adjustments to the care and treatment of the ill, aged, disabled and disenfranchised can significantly improve patient outcomes.

It is time that our healthcare system provides people with the support they need, not just to recover from an illness, but to secure the best possible results for individuals and their families physically, mentally, emotionally and personally.

For fans of:

  • Alan Clarke’s “The Sociology of Healthcare”
  • Chris Kresser’s “Unconventional Medicine”
  • Jeff Elton’s “Healthcare Disrupted”
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