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Yoga Bundle: Empowered Aging, Enlighten Up! and From the Boxing Ring to the Ashram (ePubs)

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Publisher: Emerald Lake Books
Format: ePubs

This bundle features three of our popular yoga titles:

  • Empowered Aging, which focuses on the physical techniques one can use to improve bone health, strength and balance
  • Enlighten Up!, which explores the five layers of self-awareness that lead to clarity, contentment and resilience
  • From the Boxing Ring to the Ashram, which shares wisdom for the mind, body and spirit

Empowered Aging

Do you want to remain strong and active throughout your life?

Embrace the journey of remaining active while aging. This comprehensive guide by seasoned yoga therapist Ellen Saltonstall offers a fresh perspective on living with courage, vitality and grace.

Drawing from the wisdom of yoga, this book provides professional guidance, gentle adaptations, and compassionate support to improve your bone health, strength and balance while enhancing your overall well-being so you can enjoy the fullness of life at any age.

Each chapter is filled with simple and easy-to-follow instructions that can be done from the comfort of your own home. The expert advice makes this book an invaluable resource for those seeking to reclaim their vigor.

Whether you’re new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, Empowered Aging will inspire you to take control of your health and embrace your golden years with confidence.

Enlighten Up!

Want to find more clarity, contentment and resilience in this complicated world we all live in?

Cultivating self-awareness on a practical everyday down-to-earth level is the first step. When we lack self-awareness, it gets in the way of navigating life’s ups and downs.

Enlighten Up! presents a contemporary view of the five layers of self-awareness based on a 3,000-year-old model that provides a broader foundation for self-exploration than the more well-known mind/body model.

Author Beth Gibbs uses humor and stories to teach you to recognize the influence these five layers have on your life.

  • Your physical body and environment.
  • Your breath and energy, which makes up your life force.
  • Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions.
  • Your intuition, which acts with compassionate, nonjudgmental wisdom.
  • Your connection to something larger than yourself.

Learn how to apply this model of self-awareness to your own life through the tips and simple yoga practices shared in this book.

From the Boxing Ring to the Ashram

Step into the ring with life’s challenges and come out a champion.

Drawing on an impressive network of mentors and gurus from around the world, Deborah Charnes has distilled the life lessons they taught her into a collection you won’t want to miss. This practical and adaptable guide will help anyone navigate the toughest battles in life.

With life hacks for boosting your overall health and well-being that take as little as ten minutes a day, From the Boxing Ring to the Ashram empowers you to rise above your struggles and conquer your challenges.

This holistic approach to self-improvement is the ultimate guide to finding balance, peace and purpose.

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