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What to Look for in an Endorsement

Before the design work on your book can be completed, we want to incorporate any endorsements you have secured for your book. The earlier we have these, the better, since there are design decisions that have to be made regarding the use of your endorsements. For example, do we include one (or a fragment of one) on the front cover?¬†On the back cover, do we use more endorsements or an author bio? How many pages of endorsements do we include inside the book? Endorsements can be a compelling part of what convinces a reader who doesn’t know you to try your book. The ideal endorsement endorses you in a professional capacity and lauds the merits of the book as a natural reflection of your expertise. You can then use an endorsement like that both for your professional services (on your website), as well as for promoting your book. Elements of a Book Endorsement Therefore, a … Continue Reading