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Professional, knowledgeable and great to work with

Working with Emerald Lake Books has been a true pleasure. Tara and Mark are very professional, knowledgeable and great to work with. I was given their undivided attention. All questions were answered timely through email, and Zoom. It was a step-by-step process and, with their guidance, my book came together so nicely. Seeing my published book with my name on it has been a real joy. Because of Tara and Mark, I am now able to share my story: Cancer Gifts: Lessons in Gratitude, Acceptance, and Perseverance.

Everything I hoped for and more!

After spending a year submitting proposals for my book Enlighten Up! and filing the rejections from traditional publishers, I met Tara at a writers workshop and was impressed with her knowledge and presentation. I did my research and submitted my proposal. My experience with Tara and Mark was everything I hoped for and more. They listened! They were and remain supportive partners. Publishing a book is a huge undertaking and having excellent support and advice is absolutely necessary.

Become the best author you can be

Working with Tara and Mark has been such a pleasure. They are brilliant, efficient, and on top of the latest author and publishing tools. Emerald Lake Books took what would have been a daunting and overwhelming process and streamlined all the tasks. The homework that they have already done for you, helps you to become the best author you can be.

Delighted with the outcome!

My book never would have seen the light of day without the guidance and support provided by Emerald Lake Books. I’m delighted with the outcome and have already committed to publishing a second book with them. Tara and Mark are a delight to work with–professional, supportive, and respectful of the writer.

I am thoroughly impressed!

In my job as a publishing and book marketing consultant, I work with many authors and publishers each year. All too often I see authors struggling to market their book without much assistance from their publisher; not so with Emerald Lake Books. Not only do they offer in-house PR and marketing support to their authors, but Tara and Mark have also been a joy to collaborate with as an outside agency. I am thoroughly impressed.

Thank you, Tara and Mark!

I’m so glad I met Tara at the 2019 Florida Authors and Publishers Assn conference. Her presentation was clear evidence of her abilities, knowledge, contacts, and concern as an author’s representative. With thousands of new books vying for attention each year she provided the edge that got my new book “Welcome to the Zipper Club” noticed on Amazon. I thought I had a winning idea for my book cover. Mark took that idea and created an outstanding attention-grabbing cover. Thank YOU, Tara and Mark!

Excellent Editing!!

Emerald Lake Books has done an outstanding job helping me prepare my book for publication. I have been extremely impressed with their editing process. They were very thorough, and the manuscript improved a lot with their help. They have been very helpful and easy to work with, and I feel that they have a genuine love for great literature. I hope to work with them again on another project very soon! They have also done a great job with handling the details of the book release, and with follow-up and promotion.

A worthy publisher

Instead of pushing their own vision on their authors and clients, Emerald Lake Books cares about the author’s wishes. They give personal attention that has not been seen in the publishing world since the mid ’90s, and see to it that the result is high quality, satisfying to the author, and still makes it into online retailers like Barnes and Noble. Although self-publishing is not for everyone, if there is a reason to do so, Emerald Lake Books is the place to go.

A full service book and business support system

Amazing and Supportive insight for anyone writing, rewriting or reinventing their book and their business. You and your Team are some of the most resourceful people in the industry, looking out for the entire business of your customers and not just the one time book opportunity. You address issues and concerns for your clients in a proactive way which is quite powerful and why I also keep referring people to you.

Great Publishing Team at Emerald Lake Books

Tara and her publishing team are true professionals in every way. Her knowledge, passion and dedication are readily apparent from the beginning. I am truly blessed to have published my new book with Emerald Lake Books and recommend to all fellow authors to do the same.