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The Future of Omni-Channel Retail

Lionel Binnie

The Future of Omni-Channel Retail book cover

Cover Designer: Mark Gerber

Publisher: Emerald Lake Books

Publication Date: May 21, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-945847-03-5

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Book Description: Everyone shops online these days, but there are certain experiences and products that resist the move to e-commerce. When we can order almost anything online, what compels us to make a purchase in person?

By understanding how retail has evolved through the years and what the current state of omni-channel retail is now, this book offers a formula for predicting retail trends that are likely to happen in the near future.


  • how the two essential aspects of shopping, discovery and fulfillment, contribute to when consumers are more likely to purchase online or offline.
  • why shopping provides either “time well spent” or “time well saved,” and how to leverage that.
  • what retailers and retail real estate developers are doing to stay relevant.
  • how a two-axis model can help you accurately predict online and offline shopping behavior for many products and shopping occasions.

Want to know whether your product or service will fare best online or off? Read Lionel Binnie’s exploration of the developing omni-channel retail landscape to find out.

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For fans of:

  • Robin Lewis & Michael Dart’s “The New Rules of Retail”
  • Paco Underhill’s “Why We Buy”
  • Nicole L. Reyhle & Jason A. Prescott’s “Retail 101”

Project Info:

Lionel Binnie was referred to us after a friend of his heard Tara Alemany, founding partner of Emerald Lake Books, speak about how a book can sometimes be the best solution to your worst business problem. Intrigued by the topic, but unable to attend the event personally, Lionel reached out after the fact to learn more about what we do and how a book might help him with his unique business.

His company, MSource Ideas, specializes in working with growth-oriented food and beverage companies and consumer brands seeking placement for their products in high-traffic venues like airports, universities, hospitals and malls. So how, exactly, did we think a book might help him attract more business?

We discussed the benefits of being an author and having a book working for him 24/7 to increase visibility for himself and his brand. But what Lionel offers goes beyond that.

In this book, Lionel offers a framework that clearly and pragmatically helps retailers of all kinds (online, offline, big and small) understand how to stay relevant in an age where anyone and everyone seems to shop with Amazon.

By exploring the history of commerce and demonstrating how consumers actually make buying decisions, Lionel offers a predictive model that will help any retailer come up with ideas that attract the right customers for the products they have to sell and the buying experience they have to offer.

In discussing the early stages of the idea with Lionel, we saw the potential in how powerful this concept could be, not just for retailers, but for marketing students, commercial real estate developers, and others as well.

We have been honored to work with Lionel on fleshing out the concept and putting forth a methodology that will help new and established retailers figure out how to stay relevant in the Age of Amazon.

Editorial Reviews:

“A well-distilled volume processing the past, present and future of consumption. Want a good quick read? It’s right here.” – Paco Underhill, author of Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping

In the News:


Bronze medal, Business category – 2019 President’s Book Awards from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.

FAPA Book Awards Bronze

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The Future of Omni-Channel Retail
The Future of Omni-Channel Retail
The Future of Omni-Channel Retail
The Future of Omni-Channel Retail
The Future of Omni-Channel Retail
The Future of Omni-Channel Retail

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