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The Island Siege

Esther Wallace

Cover Designer: Mark Gerber

Publisher: Emerald Lake Books

Publication Date: November 1, 2022

ISBN: 978-1-945847-64-6

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Book Description:

As Arnacin is making his way home to Enchantress Island, war is brewing in nearby Elcan.

No one has tried to conquer Ansky since the Sanguinea Peace Treaty. Yet Wilber, king of Evfel and regent of Ansky, plans to succeed… from the inside. Purposefully nurturing bitterness and pride in his young nephew, Prince Evan Maxwell, Wilber hopes the people will reject their prince in favor of Evfel’s rule.

After being orphaned, Evan’s only solace is in the horses of his father’s stable. He loathes the idea of assuming the throne and fears being forced into accepting his duties. Yet that changes when the wild stallion Darkfire enters his life and Evan meets the people of the magical Ice Woods, where his quest to discover his destiny begins.

What follows takes Evan and Darkfire into the heart of Enchantress Island and the secrets sleeping there.

The Black Phantom Chronicles

The Island Siege

Project Info:

Esther Wallace has been a friend for many years, and we’ve been pleased to work with her on her Black Phantom Chronicles series since the beginning. This is the third book in her planned four-book series, and we can’t wait to see how Esther brings everything all together in the next book.

Both of the first two books in this YA fantasy series, The Savage War and The Eternal Struggle, went on to win multiple awards, and we expect no less from The Island Siege.

The Island Siege

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The Island Siege
The Island Siege

Readers’ Favorite Review

Readers Favorite 5-star medal

The Island Siege is the third book in The Black Phantom Chronicles and it is clear that author Esther Wallace plans on intensifying the stakes for her characters as more crises and conflicts loom. Arnacin sailed away from home and found civil war on Mira. He still hasn’t returned home after four years, and neighboring Elcan’s brewing war is about to disturb Enchantress Island’s peace. Meanwhile, Prince Evan Maxwell wishes nothing more than to find some wild land and disappear as he loathes the idea of taking the throne. Yet he is aware that King Wilber will seize upon his lack of interest and use it to increase his authority. As Evan finds friendship and a confidante in the stallion, Darkfire, and meets the people of the enchanted Ice Woods, he realizes that it is his destiny to save Ansky from being crushed by an iron rule.

Esther Wallace puts a fascinating and brilliant twist on the reluctant hero archetype as the star for this installment is clearly Prince Evan. He is supported by a host of intriguing characters that include a talking wild stallion. The Island Siege is one of the most imaginative and spectacular young adult fantasy novels I’ve ever read. It is a visionary fantasy that follows the path of classics like The Magic Cauldron and The Lord of the Rings. It is a rousing coming-of-age tale with a skillful blend of world-building, characterization, and good plotting. Even if you haven’t read the two books that precede it, the details of the story, such as the history of the characters and settings, are clear. Wallace has created an enchanting and unique work of fantasy literature that deserves to be read and applauded.

Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

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