Tyler & Corey McEnroe

Growing up in the small town of Millbrook, NY, these two brothers were constantly surrounded by team-oriented situations. Their mother was the daughter of a local entrepreneur, and their father was a basketball coach and son of a farmer. By nature they have always looked for the best in others and have always treated them as equals no matter what backgrounds they came from.

In 2010 these two brothers stumbled across consciousness and the power of their thoughts. As they learned the fundamental aspects of awareness, they began to recognize that much of the information was sporadic and was not comprehensive. Corey and Tyler began making connections and noticing that everything in our reality is perceived as being separate, while in reality, everything is connected.

Over the course of the next five years, the brothers developed a system of energy navigation that helps people expand their awareness of who they really are. They have also expanded many concepts, bringing light to information that has not been exposed to the general public.

Author of:

I Am Love by Tyler & Corey McEnroe