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We Book Like a Boss, and You Can Too!

Building a business often involves a few growing pains, whether you’re a writer or you sell some other product or service. Demands on your time begin to outstrip the time you actually have available to give, and it becomes necessary to find solutions that help you manage your business better.

As a tech lover, I get excited each time I come across a product, service or tool that I believe can help reduce my workload. So, for awhile there, I became a real AppSumo junkie. As soon as I turned the alarm off on my phone in the morning, I’d check out what the latest AppSumo deal was.

If you’re not familiar with AppSumo, it’s a platform where you can buy lifetime deals to neat new products, tools and services. And I was definitely addicted.

I’m not complaining, though. (Although my business partner might grumble a bit about how much I spent during that phase of our growth…)

This was where I found many of the solutions that helped us grow our business in ways that protected my sanity and allowed us to serve our customers best.

One of my favorite early finds is Book Like a Boss. We still use this tool all the time.

Back in June 2017, I wrote this testimonial for Book Like a Boss:

I’ve spent decades working with software developers, and an unfortunate trait of many programmers is that they focus on their great idea rather than what the user wants or needs. BLAB is refreshingly open to user feedback. They started with a great idea that’s been made even better by its user community and, in the end, we all benefit. BLAB has made it that much easier for me to coordinate my client meetings and payments in ways that work for me and my organization. BLAB has a lifelong customer in Emerald Lake Books!

Since that time, they have grown to over 12,000 users in over 100 countries. And that approach to customer service continues to this day, making it an easy solution for us to recommend to others. So, what is Book Like a Boss (or “BLAB” for short)?

It is your online personal booking assistant. It provides an all-in-one solution for entrepreneurs looking to create a booking page that sells products or services, takes appointments, and collects payments.

It allows you to skip the frustration of playing email tag, and makes scheduling meetings and selling your services effortless with an all-in-one, simple, custom booking page.

For a detailed look at what’s available, check out this review video.

Emerald Lake Books’ review of Book Like a Boss

As you can see, we’re pretty pleased with all that Book Like a Boss can do. And their development team is continually seeking to make it better.

When Emerald Lake Books contacted the creator of Book Like a Boss to let him know that we planned to write a review of his software, Nachum Kligman provided us with an interview for our readers.

Since our main focus was to provide our authors with a great tool to simplify their business lives, we asked Nachum if he had any advice specific to authors. Little did we realize at the time that Book Like a Boss was developed after Nachum’s own book came out and he experienced firsthand the need for a simple scheduling platform that allowed people to both schedule appointments and sell products and services.

Listen in while Nachum shares his story.

Nachum Kligman, creator of Book Like a Boss

So, if you like what you see here, we encourage you to get your copy of Book Like a Boss at emeraldlakebooks.com/blab* and use the coupon code “EmeraldLake” for a significant discount.

[Note: Please note this* is an affiliate link. If you purchase Book Like a Boss, Emerald Lake Books will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Rest assured, though, that we only promote products that we use ourselves and can recommend without hesitation.]

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