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You Are a Heroine

Susanna Liller

You Are a Heroine by Susanna Liller

Cover Designer: Mark Gerber

Publisher: Emerald Lake Books

Publication Date: October 9, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-945847-07-3

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Book Description:

In every heroic tale, the heroine is called to fulfill a com­pelling desire or seek a new adventure. Sometimes she is eager to accept the call. Other times, she refuses out of fear—but the call grows ever louder.

For modern‑day women, the struggle for self‑discovery and the courage to leap into the unknown is no different.

Mirroring the heroine’s journey, this empowering guide outlines:

  • the power of choice.
  • models for personal development.
  • strategies to combat critics (even yourself).
  • tips for dealing with emotional roadblocks.
  • methods to achieve self‑acceptance.

You may not be Wonder Woman, but you are certainly a heroine. It’s time to unleash the power within!

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For fans of:

  • Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”
  • Will Craig’s “Living the Hero’s Journey”
  • Maureen Murdock’s “The Heroine’s Journey”

Project Info:

Susanna Liller was referred to us by a friend, Patty Lennon, who overheard Susanna sharing at a conference that she was about to publish a new book. Patty suggested that, before she did, she might want to speak with us. And thus began our journey together…

Susanna decided that her business and book would benefit more from having our expertise to guide her than to continue down the path she’d begun with self-publishing. And what a pleasure it has been to work with her!

Despite the fact that this has all been unknown territory to her, Susanna has been “game for everything,” and we’ve enjoyed helping her clarify her message and envision what she hopes to accomplish through her efforts.

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You Are a Heroine
You Are a Heroine
You Are a Heroine
You Are a Heroine

In the News:


Silver medal, How-to/Self-help/Inspirational category: 2019 President’s Book Awards from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.

FAPA Books Awards Silver


This book has received a BlueInk Starred Review, which concludes with:

BlueInk Review logo

The author’s straightforward, conversational writing is a pleasure, but it’s her ability to help women interpret their circumstances in a more adventurous, intuitive way that makes this book unique. While male heroes have been traditionally defined by their physical battles, “Heroineism,” she writes, “is about having the courage to expand from within.” The Heroine’s Journey gives us a fresh way of seeing just how far we can go.

– Read the full review here.

It was also selected as one of Spirited Woman’s Top 12 Book List Picks for the fall of 2018.

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